Have you seen this????

October 19, 2009

Yet again I’m loving Angel of Death with Zoe Bell.  Here’s the wikipedia article about it.

angel of death

It’s so fast paced… the plot is SO tight… there is no bloat, there is no filler and everyone involved is so psyched to be there.

When I originally watched it on the internet it was shown in 10 minute episodes.  I think I found it after going through three years of Entertainment Weeklys… it must have been on a Must List or something.

Now since I’ve seen the whole thing online why am I watching it again?  Because I am addicted to DVD extras.  And the extras on this DVD rock.  Well that and they put new music and tightened it up even more for the DVD “movie” version.  They have a full commentary by all the makers, a making of, a Zoe Bell featurette, and even more stuff.


In case you don’t know, Zoe Bell was the stunt performer behind Xena Warrior Princess.  She’s done other stuff but how exactly do you top that?

So she does her own stunts.  Kick ass lady.

And her character survives a knife through the skull.


Oh and the amazing Doug Jones plays a drug addicted doctor… if you don’t know who Doug Jones is then go here.

Don’t you want to go watch it?

Okay – maybe it’s not for everyone.  But I really like it.



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