I’m kind of scared of the remodelling

October 20, 2009

I was hungry and didn’t want to eat anything in my kitchen so I went out to the grocery store.

The first thing I noticed was that they painted the outside.  I like it.  The colors are nice.  I never really loved the pink.  But then I walked in and…

Andronicos 1

The produce section used to be an aisle of standard produce shelves on each side.  Now it’s just on one side and these open boxes.  I hope this is phase one of the store’s makeover because honestly I do not find this to be appealing.  It has some potential but it’s definitely doesn’t feel finished to me.

I was so thrown by the whole unexpected remodel that I didn’t get anything and ended up eating stuff that was already in the kitchen.

Oh – here are shots of the front of the store so you can see the new color.

Andronicos 2Andronicos 3

You can see the old pink paint behind the Wells Fargo sign.

If this is phase one then I’m excited.  If this is it then I’m not okay with this.

And now we wait.



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