How’s that going to work?

October 22, 2009

I got my last Gourmet Magazine in the mail today.

The nostalgia and regret has set in a bit since I first heard the news that they were closing down.  I think I actually will miss Gourmet.  (To be perfectly honest when the news came out I had forgotten that I have a subscription.)

So now I’m kind of sad if not out right weepy at the realization that I will never again get a copy of Gourmet Magazine in the mail.

But knowing that makes the plastic covering my magazine and holding in a request for me to subscribe to Gourmet / give Gourmet as a gift more than a little bit of a giggle.

I’m sure that these magazines were all wrapped up before the decision was made to stop publication but there is something very sad about the last magazine going out without being able to acknowledge that it’s the last of its kind.

It’s like a TV show that  is yanked from the air before they have a chance to wrap up loose ends and say goodbye.

I wish there was a chance for one final magazine… one last issue… The end of something important.

But no… nothing but a piece of paper asking if I would like more of a product that is not offered anymore.

On the plus side I did find out that my Gourmet subscription is being turned into a Bon Appetit subscription for the remainder of my issues.

I don’t know what will happen to people who already have Bon Appetit subscriptions… they don’t mention that on the Gourmet website.

Oh well…

Goodbye Gourmet… you will be missed.



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