To replace or not replace

October 23, 2009

Or maybe it’s To Upgrade or Not Upgrade.

I blew a fuse on the light strings I have handing in the bathroom.  They are mini white on white Christmas lights that I have strung around the ceiling.

I finally found the itty bitty little fuses at Radio Shack but while I was at the counter there was a discussion about if they were the right ones.  Ceramic vs Glass fuses – in some cases you can swap them out and in some cases you have to worry about the glass shattering.

LED lights also came up…  no glass, much less electricity needed to keep them… less problems than conventional lights.

Fine and dandy but I already have lights and there really isn’t anything wrong with them.  So why take them down and get rid of them in order to replace them with new lights even if the new lights are the next big thing?

It reminds me of an article I read that stated that the most energy-efficient car you could buy is the one in your garage.  It made the argument that if your car is in good condition and isn’t 20 years old then it’s in your best interest to keep it and use it until it really isn’t a viable source of transportation for you anymore.

Amasa13 - flickr

Word to live by… and they really aren’t that hard to follow.  Especially when you think of sea birds swallowing our junk and then dying.  Garbage isn’t okay… we need to do better.



One Response to “To replace or not replace”

  1. Clara Says:

    I have a large box of assorted string lights you may wish to examine.

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