My afternoon as a pumpkin carving facilitator

October 31, 2009

Clara had an oodle of pumpkins to carve and asked if I wanted to help out.

Actually, she was going to do the carving yesterday but yesterday was kind of nuts and I was tuckered out.  But she ended up doing it today and I said I’d wander over to help out.

I’m not really all that interested in carving pumpkins but I’m big on helping out and it’s always nice to hang out with Clara.  So I wandered over in the afternoon to do facilitate the pumpkin carving.

Meaning I cut open a few pumpkins and scooped out the guts.  If I had thought things through I would have taken off my ring before starting but oh well… onward!

First thing that needs to be mentioned is that pumpkin carving really brings out the ax murderer in someone.  Plunging the blade into the gourd and then pulling it out only to raise up the knife and jab it in again…. really amazing way to get your aggressions out.  The sound is great too… that deep thunk you get from hitting a fresh pumpkin.  Nothing like it.

Second… pumpkin guts are well named.  Although pumpkin brains works too.

Third – Clara let me take all the leftover pumpkin gray matter home for the compost bin!  YEAH!


disemboweling a pumpkinpumpkin guts and or brainsthe scene of the crimeI actually feel a little guilty about this.Archibald and Aloysiussad pumpkinHe doesn't really like your costume.The dentist said I didn't have any cavities.

Message Pumpkinall together now

Happy Halloween Everyone!




One Response to “My afternoon as a pumpkin carving facilitator”

  1. Clara Says:

    I would love a large version of me “operating” on the pumpkin, if you have one. I look so serious with my knife and apron…

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