I have a friend named Stephen.  I LOVE Stephen.  I think the world is a really fun place because Stephen is here.

But sometimes I wish he didn’t share the strange things he finds with all of us.

I did not need to read about the hidden subtext of Christmas Specials.  Especially when it makes sense.

On the one hand… I’m all about the Rudolph thing… it doesn’t matter that your different.  Actually – the fact THAT you are different is enough to make you the only one that can save the day.  Good message, I like it.

I’m all about the anti-consumerism of A Charlie Brown Christmas but it is a bit heavy handed.  Maybe it needs to be.  The Vince Guaraldi score more than makes up for it.

But I’m pretty sure that not even Santa can restore the polar ice caps just because I believe in him.  But I’m kind of hoping I’m wrong.


tis the season and all that



I’m still in AWE of the wonder that is my rolled / stuffed Thanksgiving turkey breast.  It tastes better and better every day.

That being said – there was still some unfinished business when the “final” product came out of the oven.

See – when I bought the turkey breast it had its ribcage still attached.  I asked the wonderful butcher (Omar) at Andronico’s to de-bone it for me.  Yes I could have done it myself, yes I’ve done it before, yes I have the knives.  But Omar is a professional and I was lazy.

When he packaged up my turkey he also gave me the bones.

So once I took the stuffed turkey breast out of the oven and transferred it to a cutting board – I turned around and put the bones on the already roasted veggies to roast before beginning the stock of wonder.

I roasted the bones for a good long while.  Then I threw the bones, some leftover veg that didn’t get roasted and the dark caramelized veggies that the turkey roasted upon … it all went into a pot with enough water to cover.

And here we go with another set of food porn.

And it smells sooooo good.

I believe this will become a part of my next batch of risotto.


After reading a whole lot of blogs about the sales that were going to happen today and all the things that I could buy if only I was will to go out there and brave the crowds to buy them at the appropriate hour…  I decided to stay home today.

I’m all for buying the right thing, finding that one thing that absolutely fits your needs and will be with you for a good long while.  But to buy something just because it’s on sale or just because it’s cheap or even worse because someone else told you that you should get it?  How is that going to make your life better?

Needless, thoughtless consumerism… it’s kind of scares me.  Which does not conflict with my love of a well thought out present.

Just saying.



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

I made a bit of turkey today… just for myself since I didn’t have company over.

The whole bird didn’t appeal to me so I decided to make a roulade or a stuffed boneless turkey breast.  There was a little problem with the fact that I got a WHOLE turkey breast and most of the recipes were for a half turkey breast but I got over that.

Andronico’s was kind enough to de-bone the breast for me.  They are the BEST… I love the customer service I get at my neighborhood store.

Blah blah blah… let’s just cut straight to the food porn, shall we?


Seriously, this might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever created.  And it was moist and juicy; not dried out at all.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  It’s time to think about Christmas cards.  And my thought is…. do you really want me to send you a Christmas card along with the Christmas CD?  Isn’t the CD enough?

I don’t know what my problem is but I really just don’t feel the Christmas cards this year.  Which is kind of hilarious since I have tons of Christmas cards that I could just fill out and send.

The issue might be the fact that I made felt cd cases this year and think Christmas cards on top of the covers on top of the CDs might be a whole lot of overkill.

Or maybe I just don’t want to create anymore Christmas joy if I can help it.


I finally came up with the design for the gold koi in my Buddha painting.  It’s looking amazing.  I should be done by next Monday.

That will leave only the silver koi and I’m stumped.

Maybe I should use my small fan brush and layer up scales in grays and blues and whites as well as silver.

I’m so close to being done… this is driving me CRAZY!!!  Buddha is not supposed to drive anyone crazy.



lost art of layering?

November 23, 2009

I live in the Bay Area… we are the land of layering.  It’s not so much for warmth as it is for rapid temperature changes.  Sometimes it feels like there is a 20 degree difference between the sunshine and the shade.

But it’s especially nice to bundle up in the winter.  Thick fuzzy socks, polar fleece, and knit scarves in every color of the rainbow.  (Thank you, Mom!)

Tis the season to wear bulky sweaters.  And the extra bonus to all these layers is a lower electricity bill.  Because running the heater costs a fortune.  Layering is good for your wallet, in case you didn’t know.

Bundle up out there!