Actually… no I don’t want one of these

November 4, 2009

I guess we can talk about the December holidays now that Halloween has past.

This morning I read an article on WiseBread about “classy gift ideas”.

I’m horrified by this list.  I don’t want any of that stuff except the booze.  I can’t think of anything that would take less thought that wandering into Tuesday Morning or Ross and picking up something like a crystal clock or vase.

Shouldn’t gifts be thought through?  If you don’t know what to get someone a: should you be getting them a gift and b. should you be getting them something that they might very well look at as a piece of junk that they now have to deal with?

I am of the opinion (and from a family that is of the opinion) that everyone is different.  That no two people are just alike.  I don’t think that everyone is going to want the things that I want.

I like giving disposable gifts…  food is my personal favorite.  You eat it, enjoy it, it’s gone.  No dusting, no finding a place for it, just pleasant thoughts.

If you know someone collects something you can try to get them something that would fit their collection but you kind of need to know them well enough to know what they have and how they do their collecting.

I have snow globes but I like location ones.  I would not like just ANY snow globe and point in fact, I don’t have anymore room so it’s not a good gift anymore.

Gifts should take time.  You should put thought into them the way you put thought into your friends.

That being said…  There’s nothing wrong with stuff from Ross or Tuesday Morning.  Just think about who is getting the gift before you get it.

And don’t expect everyone to feel the way you feel about those adorable salt and pepper shakers or that delightful potpourri that you found at the craft fair.

I’ll get off my high horse now.



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