doing my research

November 5, 2009

I think for my holiday / birthday present for myself I might get a set of power tools.

I like power tools.  My current drill isn’t strong enough.  And I would LOVE to have a sander.  My mom has one but I don’t.  That’s not right.  I don’t think she doesn’t deserve to have one… I just think I should have one too.

So now I’m researching tools.  I think I want to buy Makita…. the Turquoise case might be one big draw for this brand but it’s also a good, well-known brand.

The problem is that there are different kinds of each type of tool.  And I need to figure out which one is right for me.

This is going to take some time.


So many tools, so little time.



One Response to “doing my research”

  1. Allyn Says:

    Makita is a good brand and one that most scene shops I’ve worked in have used. You may want to ask Mr. Wannabehippie for some advice since tools are his trade (carpenter, among other things). And btw, I totally agree that you *and* your mom need to have a power sander. My mom was the one in my family who taught my sister and me about sanders. =)

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