the art and science of skinning a sofa

November 7, 2009

So a few weeks ago I got a call from Clara saying I could come over and harvest the upholstery off the old couch.

She didn’t want to sell it because she thought it was about to fall apart.  I kept telling her that the sofa was in amazing shape given how old it was.  But they made things to last back then.  But it was Clara’s sofa to do with as she pleased.  And since the rain was coming and I had commented as to how much I enjoyed the fabric in which it was upholstered… She told me I could come and skin the beast.

I had a razor cutter, a rotary blade cutter and two pairs of scissors.  I had to borrow a crowbar and hammer.  It was one hell of a workout and took a lot of muscle.  I now know the basic construction of a very solid sofa.  Backwards engineering and all.

And it turns out I was wrong.  While the sofa itself was in REMARKABLE shape considering it was purchased in the 1920’s…  the three front legs of the sofa were on the verge of crumbling apart.  So it’s a good thing she didn’t sell it.

sofa 1sofa 2sofa 3sofa 4sofa 5sofa 6sofa 7sofa 8sofa 9sofa 10sofa 11sofa 12sofa 13sofa 15sofa 15sofa skeleton

I harvested all the fabric for myself and took all the springs and a garbage bag of the horsehair because someone wanted those things… I just had to find them.

And I did  but that’s a different post.



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