ummm where’s the rest of it?

November 11, 2009

First off – Happy Veteran’s Day!!!  If you’ve ever served then THANK YOU!!!

Now that the good stuff is out of the way I have a complaint to air.

What is going on with the single rental disc of UP?


I got it from Netflix yesterday and decided to watch it today since it’s a day off and I wasn’t going to get another dvd because there’s no mail today.

First off – why can’t I get to a menu?  Where’s the damn menu.  I have to actually jump past all the flipping trailers to get to… the start of the film?

Where’s the menu?  And why is John Ratzenberger trying to get me to buy a blu-ray version of the disc.  Can’t I watch the movie and see what’s on the disc first?

Well I can watch the movie but that’s it.  None of the features Netflix says are on the disc are there.

Now the folk at Netflix are known to be on the side of the studios… but this isn’t right.  And honestly I really like Netflix.  They have always been above board with me.  They have EXCELLENT customer service folk and are quick to solve problems… at least my problems.  I can’t only report what I’ve experienced.

Anyway – Netflix site says that my Up disc should have the following extras:  interactive menus; scene access; alternate scenes; making-of featurette; additional featurettes and shorts.

Yeah, no.  Again – can’t even get to a menu.  Something is fishy in the state of Denmark my friends.

I searched online to find out if it was some sort of insane Easter Egg thing that I wasn’t getting.  But instead of finding the answers I found more people confused about why their rental disc had nothing but the movie and a lot of trailers.

Since I have a fairly good relationship with Netflix, I place a phone call to the customer service line.

Hello nice fellow… did you know that something’s strange with you UP discs?

He had no idea.  I told him what I experienced.  I told him what I had read online.  I even took the disc out of my dvd player and put it in my computer to see if that was the problem.  No joy.

He told me that they get the disc directly from the studio and they believed them to be the same as the single disc sold in stores.  Yeah – I’m thinking Disney wants more people to buy the blu-ray discs which explains the commercial and lack of extras on the RENTAL disc.  That’s what it seems to be a special disc made by Disney just for the rental market.

But because there was all that noise about Netflix getting into bed with the studios no one is going to believe that they didn’t know about this and just didn’t do anything about it.

I don’t know what happened, I just know it did and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I buy DVDs.  I like owning them because I have insomnia every once in a while and like to have movies to put into the player and just let go while I try to get back to sleep.  And I just bought Star Trek a month ago… it doesn’t come out for another week or so but I’ve already payed my money because I want it and all the extras that come with the 2 disc version.  But I’m not going to buy just any movie sight unseen.  I need to know that I’ll like the movie and I also like to test drive the extras to see if i think they are worth the money.

I really enjoyed Up.  It made me cry a LOT.  But this has left a bad taste in my mouth.  So I don’t know if i will ever buy a copy.

I wonder if Netflix will tell me what they find out.

Probably not but that’s okay.




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