this might be the rug

November 13, 2009

I was talking to Allyn last night about shopping and what we are still buying in these very different economic times.

We aren’t big on conspicuous consumption but we do like what we like.  She has an eye for highly artistic fine jewelry.  Me?  I like my home.  A LOT.

A couple of months ago, after giving blood at the Claremont American Red Cross, I walked back home by way of Claremont instead of College.  I passed The Craftsman Home.  It was open, usually when I walk by they are closed.  So I wandered in.

I looked at rugs.

I left as soon as I could but not before the owner gave me her card.  Nice woman.  She told me she had someone who came in once a month for years before finally buying her rug.

I might be that person now.

The Thistle PC-11B

By the time I have the money in my pocket this might not still be the rug but for now… it’s something to think about.



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