things I didn’t really want to think about

November 30, 2009

I have a friend named Stephen.  I LOVE Stephen.  I think the world is a really fun place because Stephen is here.

But sometimes I wish he didn’t share the strange things he finds with all of us.

I did not need to read about the hidden subtext of Christmas Specials.  Especially when it makes sense.

On the one hand… I’m all about the Rudolph thing… it doesn’t matter that your different.  Actually – the fact THAT you are different is enough to make you the only one that can save the day.  Good message, I like it.

I’m all about the anti-consumerism of A Charlie Brown Christmas but it is a bit heavy handed.  Maybe it needs to be.  The Vince Guaraldi score more than makes up for it.

But I’m pretty sure that not even Santa can restore the polar ice caps just because I believe in him.  But I’m kind of hoping I’m wrong.


tis the season and all that



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