We can’t have it both ways

December 2, 2009

I would like to share something my boss said today during a free for all conversation that happened in the office today.

It started as a conversation about a car accident that a golfer was in.  Then speculation about it not being a car accident.

To tell the truth I wasn’t paying attention.  Not really my thing.  Last I read about it was on the main page of Google News.  Something about not talking to the police.  Whatever.  Not my issue.

Then I hear that the wife might have hit the golfer and might have thrown a golf club at the car while the golfer was trying to get away.  Oooookay that’s different.

Now one person in the office thought … let them settle it themselves.  But another person said this…

It’s domestic abuse of one of two people in a relationship beats on the other.  And domestic abuse laws are written so that the injured party does not have to prosecute in order for charges to be brought against abuser.

Just because the roles are reversed doesn’t mean that the rules should be changed.

Then my boss said the most brilliant thing… If we are all going to be equal then we all need to be equal in everything.  We can pick and choose which rules are equal and which are stacked one way or the other.

It’s a good point.  But in the end I’m with my mom on this one.  Those poor kids.



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