odds and ends

December 4, 2009

Okay – first off – I want to meet the people who came up with / approved the idea to make a movie out of ETA Hoffman’s The Nutcracker and the Mouse King … as an ACTION FILM!!!  Yeah – read more here.

I have no more words for that.

But here…. I think you should watch this… all 9 plus minutes of it.  Classical music has never made me giggle this much.

Thanks to the Smart Bitches for that bit of fun.

Happy Friday out there in the interwebs!



2 Responses to “odds and ends”

  1. Clara Says:

    I’ve always loved the original version of Hoffman’s tale (and not just because the heroine and I have the same name). It would work fabulously as an action story; the ballet version really tones down the violence and mayhem — which, being a nice old fashioned fairy tale, it has plenty of. For instance, the mice terrorize Clara night after night by destroying her stuff, most horrendously EATING THE FACES of her wax dolls (a popular toy once upon a time).

    • eruditeslacker Says:

      I’m not saying I would put it at the top of the netflix queue if they actually do it… I’m just saying that it most likely will all end in tears. And I still want to meet the people who do it.

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