At Auction

December 5, 2009

Today was the December intermediate auction at Clar’s Auction House.  And the first item in the auction was this painting….

I decided that I wanted it.  I decided to try to win it.

This decision meant giving up the chance to sleep in on Saturday.  Ugh….  But it worked out.  I Got up, I had breakfast, I walked down to Clar’s and I waited to go in and sign up for my Buyer’s Number.

Now all of Clar’s first time bidder information contains an interesting piece of advice.  They say you should talk to the other people who are there for the auction.  So being the shy, retiring type… I struck up a conversation with the nice lady next to me.

Stephanie had come to her first auction last month and someone had been kind enough to walk her though her first buy.  So she decided to pay it forward by helping me.  She made sure I was at the right place at the right time and knew what was going on.

I won my first auction – in fact I was the only bidder.  I had planned to leave with my prize immediately after but Stephanie made it all seem like so much fun.  So I stayed all day and we looked through everything.  We then meet up with more people.  Peter and Ellen were crazy fun.  We mocked, we laughed, we glared at people who bid against one of us.  It was a blast.

And the whole thing about talking to people turned out to be correct.  There was one guy who was buying up everything and we were worried he’d get some stuff that the others were really interested in.  (He was even wearing a black hat.)  So Stephanie went up to him and struck up a conversation with him.  He turned out to be so nice and said that he could pass on some stuff if she was really interested in it.  How cool is that?

Later I talked to one of the auctioneers; and she told me that there are two kinds of people, the ones that are cool and have fun and talk to one another and then there are the people who do all the secret bidding stuff and are very sly about what they are doing.  She said that they were trying to control the situation and when it comes right down to it the person with the control is ALWAYS the auctioneer.  Smart woman, that auctioneer.  And she moved through the lots FAST!!!

Oh and you have to see the gnome they had for sale.  I don’t know who put the accoutrement on it but … it’s makes the statue really work.

In the end I came home with two paintings.  The original one that I went for and another one that I found that was painted in ’75.  Which I thought was very cool and I immediately have to have it.  Here they are.  (Some other day I’ll tell you the story of the ottoman that got away but for now I’m happy with the art.)

And in January we will all meet up to do it again!

Now I need to rearrange my walls to fit my pretty new art.



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