Oh my goodness it’s cold

December 9, 2009

Yes – I get it.  I’m a wimp.  Real cold is the Arctic, Canada and Minnesota.  California is fake cold.

But seriously – IT’S FLIPPING COLD!!!

There was the chance of snow on Monday.  It didn’t happen here but San Francisco got some dust.

I have nothing to say, nothing to type, all I know is that it’s COLD.

More importantly, I’M COLD!  Yes, Ally in Portland is colder than I am.  Yes, my friends who originated in colder climates think I’m a wimp… I DON’T CARE.  I’m a born and bred Californian… I’m COLD!

I’m going to bed, where my electric blanket is.



One Response to “Oh my goodness it’s cold”

  1. Clara Says:

    The weather may be colder elsewhere in the US, but they don’t have to deal with uninsulated houses and inadequate heaters. And a wardrobe of flip flops.

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