lunch… YUM!

December 17, 2009

I guess Bernie’s workshop included lunch because when it was over we got a call asking if anyone wanted lunch.


She brought back boxed lunches.  I LOVE boxed lunches.  I remember boxed lunches from my childhood.  Only instead of a cookie they came with a black bottom cupcake – that’s how I learned about that kind of dessert (her recipe is fancier than mine – I got mine out of the Joy of Cooking).  They weren’t lunch boxes; they were catered boxed lunches.  This is what happens when your mother spends a portion of her life in the food industry.

Traditionally a boxed lunch is a sandwich, a piece of fruit, chips and a dessert of some kind…  all in a little box.  There is NOTHING like a boxed lunch.  Especially when some one brings you one and you are hungry and don’t really want to go outside.

The apple was really good.  The roast beef was just right… I didn’t even mind the fennel seeds on the roll.  I ate all my chips but saved my cookie.

Some days it really is the little things in life.



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