University Avenue Adventure

December 23, 2009

So off I went to avoid the lack of water in my apartment today.

There it is, University Avenue.

I walked all the way down to 4th street where I did a little shopping.

I took pictures of random stuff along the way like this…

A: Who goes to “Magic Fingers Massage Therapy”?  B: What kind of massage are they expecting?  and C: what kind of certification do the employees have?


Random statuary behind a chain link fence… of course.


It’s good to know that what with the Hot Fudge Brownie and the Apple Pie you can get a nutritious glass of milk with your kids meal.  So much healthier.


Isn’t this a wonderful mural?

Still not quiet at 4th street yet…

Here we are at last… anyone who needs a few day laborers… this is where they hang out.

Now I haven’t been to 4th street in a little while but I was surprise by the number of changed.

Sketch Ice Cream is now Chocolatier Blue… Napa Style is now Books Inc… and Three Little Piggies children’s clothes is now Title9 (yes – I bought socks because I had to but sadly they were sold out of the box of socks.)

The coolest thing I picked up is this waterproof dopp bag from Z gallerie.

The SCARIEST thing I saw was these taper candle holders at CB2.

At first it looked like a choir but after talking to the salesperson we decided that they are an army.  Be afraid.

And finally the coolest things said to me today was “I love the things that people say in the check out line where it makes sense to them but I’m missing a key piece of information.”  Here’s how it happened.  I went to Blick because it was on the way to 4th street.  I looked around.  Couldn’t afford the cool graphic stencils.  Decided that the price on the acrylic was good enough to lure me away from Artist and Craftsman… took a tube of black and a tube of white up to the counter.  The guy asks me… did you find everything you need?  I say “I can always use more white and black… maybe now I’ll finally finish the painting.”  He says his line and I tell him I can make the sentence even stranger… “maybe now I’ll finally finish The Answer Is Buddha.”  He laughed.

That was today’s adventure.



2 Responses to “University Avenue Adventure”

  1. Allyn Says:

    the cool mural is of a traditional Celtic Green Man – some people think that he is related to the later incarnation known as Robin Hood. Either way, there are some cool myths about him. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was one of my faves in college but there are so many out there. Happy reading!

    • eruditeslacker Says:

      I actually knew that it was a Green Man but what I like best about it is that it’s outside a hydroponic gardening store … in Berkeley. I find that rather funny.

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