in fear of the McMansion

December 28, 2009

I was driving around my old neighborhood when I was struck by the amount of reconstruction that had happened.

Oh it’s been happening for a long time but now it’s just too hard to ignore these monstrosities of scale.

My neighborhood was planned around the 50’s or so…  nice 3 bedroom ranch houses on twisty streets with plenty of nice parks.  Then people started doing little add ons… another bathroom, a family room, etc.  Fine… nothing out of the ordinary.

But now there are these 2 story houses that stretch from one end of the property line to the other.  It’s a whole lot of house.  I want to say something like “it takes all kinds” but then I saw this house…

Okay – so yes it’s a corner lots so it is a little bigger but come ON!  They built a faux Mediterranean villa on the edge of a 50’s suburb.  This is just wrong.

THIS is what houses in the Park are supposed to look like.

Am I the only one that think this fad of building as much house as you can fit on your property is a bad idea?

Maybe it is just me.

oh well



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