It doesn’t matter how good the deal is…

December 31, 2009

If I learned nothing else this year, I have learned well that maintaining a strong financial house leads to a lack of stress in all other aspects of life.

This was reinforced for me in the last three days when I saw a deal for the laptop I have been thinking about buying.

It was a very good deal.  But I have not stashed away the money to buy it at this moment.  I could have figured it out but that’s not the point.  The reality is that the deal came along BEFORE I had the money ready for the purchase.

Now I must admit, this is not a NEED.  This is a want, a fond desire.  My current laptop has served me well for almost 7 years but it’s dying a slow and ugly death.  I would very much like to replace it and I was thinking that I could do that easily before June of 2010.

But this deal popped up.  45% off.  That’s amazing.  the deal was to last for 3 days.  So I didn’t buy it right away, I thought about it.

On the second day when I went to look again… the price had risen.  The deal wasn’t the same.  Was it worth buying outside my comfort zone?  I took another day to think and the price rose again.

A sure sign that I should follow my first instinct and wait for the right time to purchase  the laptop.

Another deal will come up when I have the money.  And since I don’t NEED to buy this item right now I have the ability to wait until the time is right for the money and the price… at the same time.

And now it’s New Year’s Eve.

I’ve learned a lot this year and I look forward to the next year and all it brings.

Be careful out there.



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