$200 sequined shorts

January 4, 2010

My J Crew catalog arrived today.  I don’t know why they bother with me.  The only thing I get from J. Crew on purpose is flip-flops and they don’t arrived for another season or two.

But I flipped through the catalog before I recycled it.  And while flipping through I found these…

Nope – you aren’t imaging that sparkly glare… those, my friends, are sequins.

J. Crew is selling $200 a pop Sequined Shorts!!!

I immediately fired off an email to Allyn asking for an explanation.  Because I seriously could not understand this particular fashion item.  But then, I’m not built for fashion and am damn glad of it.

Unfortunately Allyn was rather stumped too….

We are putting our money on drag queens at play… with way too much money … in Palm Springs.

I’m positive that said drag queens at play with too much money in Palm Springs look both fierce and smashing in these shorts.  And Allyn and I mean absolutely no disrespect to them when we say wow… that’s a whole lot of short to be putting out on display.




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