art wall

January 6, 2010

I can not believe the number of people I involved in the decision of how to place all the art on the wall above my dresser.

I was fine with the wall before I got addicted to auctions and ended up with two new paintings.  I also had some cards I got from a street artist that I wanted to frame and get up on the wall so it was time to rethink the arrangement.

Fine.  No big deal.  Except all the frames were different sizes and I just couldn’t get it figured out in my head.

So I laid it all out on the floor and took pictures.

First I talked to Constance because she knows her layouts.  Then I emailed my best friend, Ally.  Then I called my mother.  Then I contacted my dear friend Missy because well… she has style.

Conversations conversations conversations

Constance said the two photos need to balance across the picture but she would lose the cupcakes.

Mom said do whatever makes you happy sweetie… as long as you have a straight line across the top.

Ally commented that if I just straightened the top line of my first choice then I have a winner.

Missy helped balance the bottom frames and told me that art walls are great.

Finally it was done.

I’m so happy.  Thank you everyone!!!



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