Complaining has its place.

January 7, 2010

A gentleman that I greatly respect gave me a purple bracelet today.  It’s from Complaint Free World.

Interesting concept.  I know a few people who gripe about absolutely everything but never do anything to make a change.  It would do them well to think about the stuff coming out of their mouths and perhaps make a change to their way of thinking.

But the more I thought about this bracelet the more I wasn’t so sure about it.  While I’m all for an end to pointless grossing just to make noise; I’m not sure I can get behind a philosophy that basically winds up being “just shut your mouth and take your medicine.”

I was raised to speak up.  If something isn’t working, I’m not going to just do it because that’s how it’s always been done.  Every boss I’ve ever had will tell you that.

I make a habit of rocking the boat.

Besides, where would the world be if we didn’t complain about social injustices or consumer issues.  Isn’t that what leads to change (or recalls)?

Personally – when I complain I’m mostly trying to figure out what exactly is wrong.  It’s like a diagnostic tool.  I have a few friends that are really good at listening and steering me towards what it is that REALLY has me upset and then I can work on changing or fixing things.

While I understand the need to quell the rising tide of constant petty complaints that are nothing more than hot air… I think it’s wrong to disregard the need to give voice to dissatisfaction as a way to find a better solution.

Ignoring something isn’t a great way to deal with issues.  And I think that’s my fear for a complaint free world.

I don’t want to live in a complacent world.

In fact, that scares me.

But it’s a nice idea.



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