where’s the debate

January 8, 2010

We had an office dog today.  His name is Jack and he’s a one year old chocolate lab.

It was nice to have him around for the day.  He’s a very happy doggy.

He also hasn’t been neutered.  Apparently there was a debate and they decided that they wouldn’t neuter Jack.

My question was, “Are you going to breed him?”

Answer…. no.

So where’s the debate.  You don’t want him to sire puppies…  so neuter him.

They don’t want to do it just because of peer pressure.

Okay – fine.

I googled a bit when I got home.  I can’t find any logical arguments for NOT neutering a dog.

Maybe I didn’t look hard enough but it seems pretty straight forward to me.  They say he doesn’t get out, he answers when called, he’s well-trained…  they haven’t seen any reasons why they should do that to him.

I can’t help but wonder if they would care if they were the ones that would end up with puppies if something went wrong just once.

Honestly, it’s not my dog and not my issue but I just thought it was strange because honestly I can’t figure out a single reason NOT to do it and a lot of reason to do it.

But I could be wrong.



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