lemons everywhere

January 11, 2010

When I went home for the holidays I asked my Dad if I could have some lemons from his tree in the backyard.  He gave me 2 huge bags full.

I got them home and then it was time to figure out  what to do with them.  First I called Allyn…  I figured she might have some ideas that I hadn’t come up with.  She ran through some recipes for preserving lemons in salt but I admitted that while preserving them would be fun… I wouldn’t use them and that would be wasteful.

So I set aside 8 huge lemons for her and decided to juice a bunch and freeze the juice.  I was getting about half a cup from each one… I’m telling you they were mutant lemons!

I candied some of the peels – which also yielded a big batch of lemon simple syrup.

I saved the rest of the skins.  I didn’t know what the heck I was going to do with them.  I just couldn’t throw them out.

So I quartered them and froze them.

Then when I needed zest for the lemon curd and lemon squares a few days later, I just took out a few of the frozen peels and zested them.

PERFECT ZEST!  Not freezer burned or anything.

So if you have extra lemons that you can’t use right away… I recommend juicing them and then freezing the peels.

When life give you lemons…. preserve them for another day.



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