I like auctions but this is a bit too much.

January 12, 2010

Tavern on the Green went bankrupt.  Sad but true.

The actual location has been leased by the city to another restaurateur but the current owners are auctioning off everything that isn’t nailed down to pay off their debts.

Here’s the auction listings for day one and here’s day two.

My question is – who’s going to buy these topiary and where are they going to put them?

I’m sure someone will put down the opening bid of $5000 for this lovely green lion statue.

I guess people are going to get good deals on some stuff at these auctions.  My bet is that most of it will show up in other restaurants.

It just seems odd that everything is going out the door.  And is it just me or those prices a little high for used restaurant wares.  Maybe I just don’t see the nostalgic value of the items because I’m from California.

Anyway – let me know if you win anything from the auction.  I’d love to see what you get.



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