about cheese

January 16, 2010

I went to The Cheeseboard today.  I wanted some cheddar… my cheese of choice.  I picked up my card (the 5 of clubs) and was immediately called.  That almost never happens.

So I go up and ask for a cheddar, a sharp aged cheddar.  I don’t think I even got past sharp when the woman said “I have just the thing.”  She turned around and brought back a big block of white cheddar.  She opened the plastic and shaved off a piece.

Just touching the sliver of cheese to my tongue was enough to know that this cheese is what all cheddars wish to be.  The cheddar to end all cheddars.

It’s called Prairie Breeze and it’s made by the people of Milton Creamery in Milton, Ohio.

Life is good!



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