Tales from Craigslist

February 25, 2010

Clara’s cleaning out the haunted house and emailed me to ask for any tips about selling things on Craigslist since I did quite a bit of it in the last few years.

She bemoaned the sense of entitlement that leads to someone emailing saying they want the $5 item but only if you will drive to downtown Oakland and give it to them in person.

And let’s not discuss the fact that you are obviously trying to sell something but the person who just emailed wants you to hold it for them and they may come and get it in three weeks.

Argh.  Personally – I told her to call the auction house and have them take it all away and deal with it for a cut of the final prices.

The next day I was talking about the chair I want to get as soon as I have the cash in hand and someone asked me why I’m not just getting a chair on Craigslist.

The person that said this to me get a thrill from the chase of finding something she wants for a song.

I just want to buy the one perfect thing.

And this from the girl who goes to the auction every month.

Which is not to say that I haven’t bought things on Craigslist.  It serves a purpose.  But I’ve gotten to that point in my life where I only want the one right thing.

one perfect right thing

that I have the money in my hand prior to buying



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