reusable shopping bags are the new t-shirt

February 26, 2010

When I was going to college… back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth… everyone tried to get you to sign up for a credit card or get on a mailing list or sell you something with the lure of a free t-shirt.

I ended up with quite a few.  Not that I needed, wanted or even wore them.

Anyway – today I was a the Play Green festival thing in the Pauley Ballroom and I noticed that instead of t-shirts the new must have give-a-way prize is the reusable shopping bag.

I must say that I’m collecting them myself but this time I use them.  I keep several in my everyday bag so when I run errands I don’t need to take another plastic bag.  I keep them around the homestead for when I loan things to other people.

As a promotional gift, I must say that I think the bags are genius.  You can’t really escape them.

The one I got today is my favorite shade of green.



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