it’s still cold

February 27, 2010

It rained and then the sun came out today.

I’ve been seeing a bit more of the sun despite the rain for a few days now.

But it’s still cold.  In my Californian mind.

Clara was telling me that she hasn’t quite thawed out from the winter without heat in the haunted house.

I’ve been getting by with hot baths, my electric blanket and some lovely hot drinks – not all of which are alcoholic.

I’ll wait while you all stop being shocked.

Here are my two favorite “just add hot water” drink mixes…

I got the ginger tea stuff at Ranch 99 market and it’s got a spicy sweet ginger taste that feels fabulous going down.

And the Emergen-C is something I had always drunk cold but Patti taught me to add hot water and I must say it’s a treat especially if you feel like you might be coming down with something or are working in an office with someone who has already come down with something.

Now let’s all enjoy the rain because drought sucks and then get on with the warmer weather.



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