March 31, 2010

We had to write haiku today at work.

Here’s mine:

I need so much help
cupcakes make people happy
now I have a plan

There is another department at work that I need to work with… well I need a lot of help and information from them and they are super busy.  So I’m bribing them with red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

That’s not a bad thing, is it?



For someone who don’t like people as much as I do… I seem to meet a lot of them.

And my brain automatically starts filtering and filing traits and skills etc.  Figuring out where connections might be created or already exist.

I need to stop this … immediately.

The thing is that while I treat others in a certain way… that does not mean that others will treat them the same way or take things as seriously as I do.

What may seem like something unimportant to the person I pass information on to may be vitally important to me.

So yeah.

I need to stop trying to help out.  It’s problematic.



Now let’s be VERY clear.  I do NOT need a new pair of shoes.

I only think I need a new pair of shoes … or 4 new pairs of shoes.

This is not to say that I have actually purchased any.  Just that I spend an hour or so each day looking at websites like this and that and thinking… yeah – I should get some new shoes.

Thing is I have this tall bookcase in my closet that has all my shoes in boxes with a picture of the shoe inside taped to the front of the box.  There no more room.  I would need to get rid of a pair of shoes to get a new pair.

I don’t want to get rid of my shoes.  I want to keep them all… and get more.

I hate this feeling.  Does anyone know how to make it go away?



March 27, 2010

The battle cry of the week was VISTA!  We both said it while looking out the window at things like this…

So yeah – I recommend that everyone go to the Olympic Peninsula and enjoy the vistas.


We went wine tastings today.  The second place we went to was named Fair Winds Winery.  The tasting room was in a cinder block barn.

Expectations were not high.

Ted was our guide.  God love him he asked for ID.  I fell in love with all of it.

I picked up a mixed case.

FairWind…. love it!!!

Only now I’m kind of ruined for other wines.


Twice today I’ve tried to list what we did today.

I’ve forgotten important stuff both times.

Let’s try again.

Woke up.

Had french toast and sausage for breakfast.

Said goodbye to Tim and Cindi.

Drove to Crescent Lake and admired the sheer wonder and astounding beauty of a glacial lake.

Went to Olympic Animal Park and was chased by bison, reindeer and llamas.  No I’m NOT kidding.

Visited 3 lavender farms.

Went to Port Townsend.

Got some killer organic fair trade coffee from a cafe called “Better Living Through Coffee”.

Visited the Jefferson County Museum and meet a great man named Norm who knows all kinds of crazy historical stories.

Saw people building wooden boats.

Took the driving tour of Historic Old Town Port Townsend.

Went to the Fort and took pictures of the lighthouse.

Did the Dungeness Scenic Drive and the Old Highway 101 drive.

Then checked into the hotel and had a lovely dinner at the Crab Shack.

What did you do today?

The Tao of Tim

March 24, 2010

I should be typing about the stunning vistas we saw today… about the hikes we took… about the mud.  Heck I should be telling you about the best fish and chips I’ve had in ages.

But instead I feel compelled to share with you the wonder that is Tim.

Tim’s staying at the B&B with us.  He did 3 tours in the middle east.  He may or may not have had something to do with military intelligence.  He’s graduating with his bachelor’s this summer.

But the most important thing is that Tim can open a locked door that has no key… with a credit card.

Oh and he can take one look at a girl and know that the only thing to do is point her in the direction of the hidden jacuzzi tub and tell her no one would mind if she used it.

When he takes the Sociology world by storm with his groundbreaking theory… I can say … well of course, it’s Tim.  He was always destined for great things.