But I don’t knit

March 1, 2010

My mother knits (have you seen my every color under the rainbow and almost every knit pattern scarf collection or two hand knit sweaters or the wash clothes or my very very favorite – the pot holders).  My stepmother knits (you should see the afghan she made with this super soft white yarn and silky eyelash stuff).  My best friend just learned how to do cables (I might buy her yarn for her birthday).

Me?  No way.  I don’t have that kind of hand eye coordination or manual dexterity… and yes I know if I practiced I would get better but SERIOUSLY?  Do any of you actually believe I need another hobby?

But when Bernie asked me if I wanted to go to the YarnCon (as Edgar so accurately described Stitches West)… I said sure.

So on Sunday I got in her Mini Cooper and off to Santa Clara we went.

There were sheep on the side of the highway…  I don’t think they were just for the convention.

I did get to see alpaca up close.  They don’t like to have their faces touched but love to have their necks scratched.

On the way from through the parking lot we did see a vehicle that reminded us to not buy too much.

Now I was NOT supposed to take pictures in the convention center.  I took some anyway until a lady walked behind me and told me that what I was doing was wrong and I security would get me.  ((I totally understand – people steal patterns, people’s HARD work and that’s wrong.))

The funny thing about that is that another woman saw the whole thing and asked me why I was taking pictures.  I told her that I thought the display was pretty and I wanted to show it to someone.  The lady told me that it was her booth and I could take any pictures I wanted.

I will be buying yarn from Tess’s Designer Yarn online and if I ever get to Portland, Maine I’m going to go visit the shop cat.

We found Musk Ox yarn…. So soft and SO EXPENSIVE.  But I really liked the ladies that ran the booth.

Most of the booths (and there were TONS) were stores but not a lot of designers or makers.  But I did get to meet two pattern makers and I was totally impressed by both of them.

I bought a slipper / moccasin pattern from CocoKnits for my stepmom because she was looking for a good one.  And stopped myself from getting all the sweater patterns to give to my mom because I don’t think it’s nice to assume that she is willing to knit that many sweaters for me.

Bernie bought a really nice vest pattern and then we went looking for the yarn they recommended.

It’s a company that makes and dyes their own yarn and they are in Berkeley… how cool is that?

They have this beautiful orange yarn that they let a 10-year-old girl name… it’s called Thai Iced Tea.  I love stories like that.  And they let me take a picture of their sign.

All in all this adventure was incredibly overwhelming but fun and I had a blast with Bernie.  I would totally do it again.  But I really don’t see myself taking up knitting.



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