how do you know until you try it

March 3, 2010

I’ve read a few articles recently how pirating something can be good for the original industry.

Not Somalia kinds of pirates but movie pirates and fashion pirates.

This is my favorite article about movie pirating being good for movies. And my favorite person putting it into action is Nina Paley.

But what really got me about this whole “I must keep what is mine, mine and not one else can even speak of it” mentality was the director’s commentary to the most excellent Moon.

Moon is a beautifully realized indie sci-fi movie.  Duncan Jones, the director, has obviously seen and been influenced by a LOT of the same movies I have been.  But he wasn’t allowed to mention some of them in the commentary track.  He had to hold himself back.

This strikes me as stupid.

If I hadn’t seen and already associated some films with the one I was watching I would want to know what else was like it so I could go watch those movies and then maybe watch more from a certain directors.

But no… don’t speak the name unless you pay us money.

That’s genius.

Thank you for stifling the flow of information.

Argh… I find the whole thing upsetting.

That said – I thought Moon was lovely.  I can’t wait to see what Duncan Jones does next.

And now… I’m going to sleep super early because I’m tuckered out.



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