In which we discuss coffee

March 9, 2010

I honestly don’t remember when it happened but I now only drink one cup of coffee in the morning.  I don’t need more and I really only drink it to stave off the caffeine withdrawal headache that may or may not happen.

Soda in the afternoon is purely based on if I have a special treat / hamburger for lunch or dinner.

I know a lot of people who just can NOT deal with reality without a constant stream of coffee.  I used to be one of these people but I’m not anymore.

I think it might be because I’m getting more, possibly better quality sleep.

Sometimes I wonder if I miss coffee or not.  I mean there is a social aspect to coffee at work that I no longer partake of and I wonder if that’s bad.

But then I also don’t eat something that’s offered to be just because it’s there.  If I’m not hungry I try not to eat.

This is all part of me being a grown-up now, isn’t it.

That’s depressing.



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