A SERIOUSLY random auction

March 13, 2010


And may I just say that this was one random auction.  The monkey statues were cool but they were out numbered by the elephant bookends (John got those) but were more plentiful than the ostrich statues (Dale got those).

I learned new things…

I learned that a dry sink was used to hold dishes before washing prior to indoor plumbing.

I learned that if you listen to people at an auction you may learn important pieces of information… like when Louis Vuitton duffel bags are VERY good but still fake.  (If you’re interested they each went for about $450.)

I learned that I can only resist the allure of a full length mink coat at the price of $550… because if that woman in purple hadn’t outbid me it would have been mine for $500.

I learned that I am not the only one that likes pictures of bunnies and while I would have spent $500 on that coat I couldn’t spend $150 on this no matter how much I like it.

I learned that pictures with people tend to go for more than pictures without people.  Which usually works for me because I don’t like pictures with people… except I liked this one and it went for more than I would spend.

I learned the there is almost no end to the strange stuff you can find at auction.

And there is apparently no end to the strange stuff I feel compelled to bring home with me.

Oh come ON… it was a lot of 6 big needle point pieces of art that totally remind me of the Ballet Russe… I got them for $10.  And I traded the one I liked least for a cool ribbed clear glass pitcher.  Moral imperative… so what if I don’t plan on hanging them on the wall?  I needed them.

All in all… a great day.



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