I’m actually glad I didn’t see it on TV.

March 16, 2010

I don’t watch TV while it’s actually on the airwaves – or the interwebs for that matter… because it’s pretty much guaranteed that if i like a show it will be pulled from the air after a very short first season or a mercy second season.  Or it will go on and get worse and worse until I’m incapable of really remember why I loved it in the first place.

So I must say I’m very happy to have found The Middleman on DVD.  I know it’s over, well except for the comic book but oh the joy even that first disk has brought me so very much joy.  I would have been HEARTBROKEN if I fell in love with this while it was airing on ABC Family only to have it viciously pulled from the schedule.

It’s snarky and silly and it has sub-references that I actually get.  In one episode they have fake ids in the name Kynes and Rabban…. umm those would be Dune references.

I can’t wait for disc 2.



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