I love the idea in theory

April 2, 2010

My best friend told me about this very interesting concept.

A San Diego man (who now has a book deal) has decided to whittle down his possessions to a simple 100.

Now I have no desire to get rid of my stuff.  I love my stuff.  It give me comfort and joy.  Besides – I’m not sure I could give up the auction addiction at this point.

But really – do I need all the clothes in the closet?  No – probably not.  And I’ve been really good about not buying things just because they look cute or look like something I would like to have for a moment.

I know people who are constantly buying things…. STILL.  I mean in this economy haven’t we all decided that needless consumption is a bad, bad thing?  Or was that just me?

Truth to tell I could probably stand to weed out more things but I’m just so tired right now that I don’t even want to think about it.

I’ll definitely put it on the to-do list for this summer but that’s it.

I’m going to bed – with my 10 blankets and 12 pillows.  Those aren’t going anywhere.  Ever.



One Response to “I love the idea in theory”

  1. Clara Says:

    Certain things I find very, very difficult to pare down:
    1. Socks
    2. Linens (I did pare down my towels and I am proud!)
    3. Books (groans)
    4. Cookware (except for appliances, which I do not mind parting with if I’ve stopped using them)

    Things I have learned to re-home swiftly, but used to hang onto:
    1. Candles that are almost but not quite too small to use (East Bay Re-Use wants ’em!)
    2. Any gift I do not love
    3. Clothing not worn for 2-3 years

    I think it’s okay to hoard — I mean collect! — some categories of stuff. Things like blankets and pillows make sense to hold onto because they are useful and don’t go out of style (well, maybe after decades pass they might).

    If I can give up all of the terrible Denzel Washington movies I own, I will feel great.

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