finding my people

April 3, 2010

So I meet some new people who have been helping me at work this week.  We had been emailing for a while but I actually meet them this week.  In fact – I took them red velvet cupcakes.

I liked them from the emails.  When I meet them in their office I KNEW they were my people.

Katherine responded to this comment with… You mean you’re an alien waiting for the mothership to come and take you away TOO?

We just kept randomly hitting topics of conversation that made sense to us.  Oh and we read the same books and have a few of the same interests.  It was just so comfortable.

Rosie says that it happens from time to time.  You’ll be out in public and hear someone say something that makes your head swivel…  like calling to like I guess.

It never gets old.  It never goes bad.

Finding your people is a life long pursuit and it’s well worth the time.



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