The Selfish Seamstress is RUINING my life

April 20, 2010

I’m working on clearing out the fridge so I can make a big old batch of rootbeer… I’ve got the kit and the ingredients and the supplies and the book and I’m READY… I just need some space.

I have patterns and fabric and I’m really going to make myself some pretty clothes in just the styles I like.

I have beads and wire and clasps and someday I’m going to make a killer necklace.

And then that selfish selfish girl goes and puts THIS idea in my head…

Newest covet: Shoemaking courses

I need this like I need several more holes in my head.

Anyone want to take a bet as to how long I hold out against one of these courses?

I so did not want to know about this.


ETA – at the prices they charge I really hope I get over this before I start a hobby this expensive and crazy.


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