So I watched Coco Avant Chanel yesterday.

Interesting movie, interesting life, interesting woman.

Then I googled her to find out more of her history and I found out that not only was she a Nazi sympathizer but she was a collaborator.

I did not want to know that.  I didn’t want to know that only her English aristocracy friends kept her from being jailed for espionage.  I didn’t want to know that the French shunned her after the war and only the English and Americans were willing wear her clothing.

So while I like her style I don’t know if I can reconcile her personal choices.

C’est La Vie.



weekend sleeping

May 29, 2010

I woke up at 6am today.

It’s Saturday.

There was a moment where I thought about getting up and doing things.  Then sanity came to me for a moment and I rolled over and went back to bed.

Tonight I’m going to go to sleep early and if I wake up at 6am tomorrow I’m plan on turning over and sleeping another 2 hours again.

It was awesome!


I saw the most bizarre thing the other day.

On the intercom board outside my apartment building someone has put out their UPS package delivery slip with a note asking that UPS hold on to the package until the receiver got back from summer vacation.


How exactly would that work?  Would the driver take it home with him until you came back?  When would they know to contact you in the fall?

Or maybe it would go sit at the headquarters until some magic moment when they knew to send it back out for delivery.

I don’t think UPS has the time or energy to do this for you.  If they did, then the UPS headquarters would look like the warehouse that the Ark ended up in at the end of Raiders.

Ah students, a constant source of entertainment and puzzlement.



May 27, 2010

It started when Sam told me that I wouldn’t understand because I don’t know the players.

Turns out it didn’t matter because OMG I have a small but STRONG obsession with the World Cup now.

My best friend is a hard-core World Cup fiend due to long-term exposure to various peoples of the British persuasion.  We spent the night reviewing brackets and looking at past footage and commercials.

Football Geeks of the world UNITE!


red shirt

May 26, 2010

When I got dressed this morning I thought I looked GOOD.

I was wearing my black knee boots with the block heels, black tights, a short, full black skirt and black tank top.  On top of that I wore a long sleeve red shirt.  It had a deep v neck with a twisty knot just under the bust line.

All in all… a great outfit and I thought I looked good.  Until I REALLY looked in the mirror.

And all I could see was … Red Shirt.

I seriously wondered if I was going to randomly die today because of my red shirt.

Just another layer in my dislike of wearing red.  Which is sad because I look good in red.  But who wants to die because of the color of their shirt?

Yes, that is really how my brain works.


I got another The Company Store catalog.

This has led to the inevitable desire to get another / new comforter… maybe down… medium weight…maybe…

I want a new one.  I don’t need a new one.  I don’t need another one.  This is madness.

I have all my blankets and comforters stacked on top of my bed.  I don’t have a linen closet big enough for all of it so it makes more sense to just make the bed with everything and sleep on top of it all.

So what’s the problem with getting a new comforter?

Other than the fact that I have enough already.


This sucks!


desk set

May 24, 2010

I get a bigger desk tomorrow.

They are moving things around in the office and the up swing is that I get a bigger desk and soon even a phone and voicemail of my own.

I’m rather excited about this.  My desk is very, very cramped at the moment and I’m just piled up on top of myself.

I’d like to be able to spread out just a bit more.  Organize a bit stronger than just stacking.

Maybe get a blotter… or something like that.

I don’t want to have TOO much stuff but I think the move will make my work life quite a bit better.