I love my neighors

May 6, 2010

I have the coolest neighbors.

Yesterday I made these cheesecake cupcakes for a co-worker and ended up with one left-over.  I didn’t want it but I thought there might be a reason to hold on to it.

And I was right – I just got an email from Rosie asking if I would like a World Peace cookie ice cream sandwich.   Ummmmm YES!  And oh by the way Rosie, I have something to give you!

Well that without the apricot jam on top… but you get the idea.

On the way out to meet her at the gate between our apartment buildings I saw my apartment manager and waved to him.  On my way back I ran into the two fabulous guys from the 4th floor.

In an age when no one knows there neighbors, I not only know mine… I really like them.



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