How PowerPoint ruined my morning…

May 18, 2010

I’ve been joking around the office about how every time you use PowerPoint a kitten dies.

I joke about this because I use PowerPoint to create training materials.  I like how easy it is to manipulate images and present information.

But today I found out what people were really pissed off about when it came to PowerPoint presentations.

I was at a project management class where I was given a spiral bound notebook.  The instructor stood at the front of the room with her remote control and she talked through each of the slides.  Maybe she added a word or two but mostly she just read the slides.  Slides that were printed in the notebook I had been given.

Thank you, I do know how to read on my own.

I stayed for 4 hours.  At lunch I went back to the office and I don’t think I’ll be going back.  I kept the notebook so I don’t think it will matter that much.

Also – the instructor had a nervous vocal tick.  She ended most of her sentences with mkay.

Not a drawn out MmmmmmmmmmmmmKAY?  But a quick mkay.

Any way you slice it, I’ve seen South Park.  And all I could think about was Mr. Mackey.

Not what you want to be thinking about in a serious class.

But at least now I really understand why so many people dislike PowerPoint.



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