space vs accomplishment

May 21, 2010

All the organizational experts tell you not to keep clothes that don’t fit.

If they don’t fit now they probably will never fit.  It’s not worth the loss of space.  It’s just clutter.

But if I had thrown out those size 12 jeans because they didn’t fit I wouldn’t have found out this morning that they not only fit again but were looser than they had ever been.

And that beats hanger space by a mile.



2 Responses to “space vs accomplishment”

  1. Clara Says:


    I believe in not storing things that do not fit except for stuff that costs a lot (coats) and does not go out of style rapidly (coats and jeans). Unless you buy weird trendy jeans (the return of acid wash! for about one month, anyway), but you don’t. I also believe in not storing things that do not fit that I also do not love, no matter how much it cost initially. There is also quantity to consider. I’m not going to save ten pairs of pants that don’t fit, but I might save two. Also, I believe in saving a few trendy things so that others can laugh at them twenty years from now.

    The real problem is that a weight loss or gain of just ten pounds can translate to jeans no longer fitting. That’s ridiculous.

    • eruditeslacker Says:

      You aren’t advocating stretch jeans, are you? A little give yes but actual stretch denim…. just say no.

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