red shirt

May 26, 2010

When I got dressed this morning I thought I looked GOOD.

I was wearing my black knee boots with the block heels, black tights, a short, full black skirt and black tank top.  On top of that I wore a long sleeve red shirt.  It had a deep v neck with a twisty knot just under the bust line.

All in all… a great outfit and I thought I looked good.  Until I REALLY looked in the mirror.

And all I could see was … Red Shirt.

I seriously wondered if I was going to randomly die today because of my red shirt.

Just another layer in my dislike of wearing red.  Which is sad because I look good in red.  But who wants to die because of the color of their shirt?

Yes, that is really how my brain works.



One Response to “red shirt”

  1. Hand of the Ranch Says:

    Set Phasers to STUNNING.

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