my good deed

June 3, 2010

I did something good today.

It was super easy but it was helpful and I must say that makes me very happy.

A new friend had a family emergency pop up.  She had to go to Seattle immediately.

This afternoon I got a call at work.  She was stuck at the airport, her plane delayed and she didn’t have a good book to get lost in.

So I talked to her for over an hour while waiting for her plane.  I’m brilliant at talking on the phone and working at the same time.  I learned the skill ages ago talking to Ally in Portland when I was at Wells and I’ve just gotten better and better through the decades.

I kept her mind off the sad things and away from the scary proliferation of Starbucks at the airport.

Don’t you love when you can do something that is so small to you but is so nice to someone else?



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