Wagner pronounced Vagner

June 7, 2010

I need someone to explain my sudden and rather inexplicable obsession with German opera.  Specifically Wagner’s Ring cycle.

I’ve only ever watched Italian and French opera in a theater… Turandot’s my favorite but I’ve only see that on a small screen… I should fix that some day.

But recently I’ve become fascinated with opera’s of the Ring.  I’ve watched a couple of documentaries.  I’m currently watching the first of the performances taped live in Bayreuther in 1980.

Seriously, I have NO idea what has brought on this sudden interest in Wagner’s take on the evils of industrialization by way of ancient Norse gods… but it doesn’t seem to be going away.

San Francisco Opera is mounting the Ring next summer.  I actually looked at tickets and thought… sure I could spring for $1000 and sit in the Dress Circle.  I like the mezzanine best anyway.

Ummm excuse me… WHAT?

I’m going to go try to sleep this off.



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