my university

June 11, 2010

Today was an interesting day.  I got up and was checking my email when the power went out.  6:30 in the morning and from the popping I KNEW it was a PG&E issue meaning it would take a while to fix.

So I managed to dress and eat yogurt and head out to the Peet’s for coffee.  Only the power outage went further than expected.  On the way to Milano I passed Blake’s… a bar that was open at just before 7AM and filled with people in green shirts… can you say World Cup?  I knew you could.

Even better – when I got to my office the guys plastering and painting the building next to mine were all huddled around the back of their truck – they had a full-sized tv hooked up in the back and they were watching the Mexico v. South Africa game too.

Power was out in my office too but my day got better as it went on and finally I ended up at the top of Barrows where I took these pictures and remembered how beautiful it is where I work.



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