Niko has the best interview stories

June 16, 2010

I’m not entirely certain how the topic came up but this morning I got to hear about Niko’s top two most interesting interviews.  (She was the interviewer not the interviewee.)

Number 1 – A candidate for an administrative job asked as a point of clarification if she would need to actually do the work described in the job description… because she had students to do that.  (perhaps a strong but accurate response would have been… we would be hiring you to do the job, not a student.  If we wanted a student to do the work we would hire one.)

Number 2 (and my personal favorite interview story of all time) – Another question of clarification… what would the time requirement be…. would it be “all day, every day?”  (well… yes… that would be the concept behind a full-time job.)

I am so going to be using the “all day, every day” line for the rest of my life.

That’s a winner.



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