saga of jury duty

June 25, 2010

So I was due to serve jury duty in March … the week of spring break… so I called to postpone.

The automatic system told me to pick a date through the touch tone phone.  I picked the earliest one… for next week.

Only I never got the letter telling me when and where to go for my new stint of jury duty.  So today I called and after fighting with the touch tone phone system I finally talked to a person.  Turns out 3 months is not long enough for them to get the letters out… which is kind of dumb since they said I could pick any date 3 months out or longer.

But it doesn’t matter since my group from March was never pulled up anyway…. So I’m clear for a full year.

Part of me is totally bummed out because I was ready to serve but there’s another part of me that is relieved that I don’t need to figure out how to get to some far away / obscure / unavailable by public transit court-house.

Oh well… there’s always next year.



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