June 26, 2010

I was talking to Clara about how I needed to do something about my ghost white legs since I felt awkward wearing my new short shorts with arms one color and legs another.

Clara runs so I thought she would have my answer.

Instead of telling me what to buy, she handed me a tube of goo and told me “there’s enough in their for your legs, tell me if you like it.”

Short answer… yes, I like it.

Long answer – at first I thought it as too light until I realized that my legs actually match my arms now so it must be just right.  And I could really do without the Cullen’s sparkle that the lotion has… but it goes away so I can deal with it.

But my joy of finding this product is hampered by Clara’s comment that the sunless tanning industry works in waves and that this product will probably be pulled from the shelves soon and may or may not be coming back.  Or it might come back but not for a few years.

This sucks but in the mean time I can wear my shorts without feeling awkward.

Thanks Clara!



One Response to “”

  1. Clara Says:

    Hooray! Let the hoarding commence!

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